Places to Visit in Sultanahmet Square

Places to Visit in Sultanahmet Square;

Sultanahmet Square, whose history goes back quite a long time, was used as a hippodrome in the time of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. In Ottoman times, circumcision weddings of princes were held here. In 1920, during the occupation of Istanbul, Halide Edip held his rally in this square. Today, this square, which has dozens of important historical monuments and is a meeting point for people, is considered the most important and ancient square in Istanbul. Here are the places to visit in Sultanahmet Square that have witnessed this history;

Hagia Sophia Mosque;

One of the most important and historical buildings of the historical Sultanahmet Square on the list of attractions is the Hagia Sophia Mosque. Hagia Sofia, formerly known as Hagia Sophia, has the meaning of Sacred Wisdom and was named Hagia Sophia Mosque after the conquest of Istanbul. In order for Hagia Sophia to be more spectacular, Emperor Justinian brought columns and marble from Syria, Egypt, Marmara Island, Eğriboz Island and Afyon, so that this imposing Hagia Sophia Mosque contains more than one culture.

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Museum of Turkish Islamic Art

There are many museums to visit in and around the historic Sultanahmet Square. In this museum, rare works belonging to the Turkish-Islamic world are also exhibited; It exhibits the works of ancient Turkish states such as the Ottoman Empire, the Abbasid Empire, the Seljuks, and the Mamluks. One of the most important works, 13. it is a carpet collection that includes Seljuk carpets from the XVIII century.

Türk ve İslam Eserleri Müzesi

III.Ahmet Çeşme

This work, located in the Topkapi Palace, is one of the Tulip Era structures. This structure consisting of fountains and fountains especially attracts the attention of history lovers. The fountain, located on the square in the first courtyard, is a building that is very interesting from an artistic point of view with its five domes and tile decorations.

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Haseki Hamam

It is a work made by Mimar Sinan, which was opened to provide income to the foundation of Hürrem Sultan, the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent, and is opposite the Hagia Sophia Mosque. 16. the bathhouse, built in the XIII century, has different rooms for men and women. Even just because of the name of Hürrem Sultan, it is a very remarkable work.

Mimar Sinan'ın eserleri Konyalı'nın saklı arşivinde

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is one of the most valuable buildings to visit in the historic Sultanahmet Square. It is also called the Blue Mosque (Blue Mosque). It received this name because of the blue color that prevails in the Blue Mosque. The mosque attracts attention with its imposing appearance. Located directly opposite the Hagia Sophia Mosque, the mosque is the first six-minaret mosque built in its era. As the only temple with 6 minarets at that time was the Kaaba, another minaret was built in order to avoid desecration and had 7 minarets in total.

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Aya Irini Museum

Hagia Irene, located inside the Topkapi Palace, is the largest church after Hagia Sophia Church. The name of the church is Hagia Eirene, which means “Holy Peace”. This church, built in 330 during the Byzantine period, has a very ancient history and is one of the most visited buildings by tourists.

Aya İrini: İstanbul'un İlk Kilisesi | Tarihi İstanbul

The Obelisk of Theodosius

Ancient Egypt (BC.He.1500) from the reign of Pharaoh III. This obelisk, which is thought to have been built by Thutmosis, is one of the most beautiful works in Sultanahmet Square. Another name for this obelisk, which is about 25-30 meters high, is the Theodosius Obelisk. Two more columns named Snake Column and Knitted Column are exhibited next to the obelisk. It is one of the most visited buildings by tourists due to its historical texture.

Dikilitaş Nam-ı Diğer Obelisk | Tarihi İstanbul

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace, which has a view of Sultanahmet Square on one side and Sarayburnu on the other, has been used both as a state administration and as an educational center. It is located on a very large territory, including Gulhane Park, and since there are churches, mosques, and museums in it, this palace is called a “city within a city”.

Topkapı Sarayı göz kamaştırıyor - YENİ ASYA

Foodie-ist Cafe and Brasserie

Located in the middle of history, this place is located both on Sultanahmet Square and right next to the Basilica Cistern. After visiting the historical beauties mentioned above, you can taste the menus of our award-winning chefs and take a breather by drinking your coffee while enjoying the view of Hagia Sophia. How about being our guest who adheres to our principle of friendly staff, delicious food, fast service and 100% customer satisfaction?

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