The Best Restaurant in Sultanahmet

The Best Restaurant in Sultanahmet


What is the best restaurant in Sultanahmet?

Although it is an ambitious blog post, we are confident. We are right next to the Basilica Cistern in Sultanahmet Square and we offer you a view of Hagia Sophia! We offer quality service, whether it is the original food presentations of our award-winning chefs, our bartender’s specialty cocktails, or our fresh brewed coffees made from carefully ground coffee beans…

What to Eat in the Best Restaurant in Sultanahmet?

As a foodie-ist family, there are all kinds of dishes on our menu for you to enjoy the classics of traditional Turkish cuisine or international cuisine. For example, if you are in Istanbul, you don’t need to go to Italy for Italian pizza or to Adana for kebabs! Let’s start sorting out the most beautiful ingredients of the Foodie-ist menu of the best restaurant in Sultanahmet!

1- Foodie-ist Signed Hamburger! Foodie-ist Burger;


A Foodie Burger consisting of a magnificent combination of baked smoked ribs, grilled cheese, burger patty… a tremendous taste that you will never taste in another place. We think and advocate that it is the best hamburger you can eat in Istanbul. If you are on your way to Sultanahmet and want to have a hearty meal, Foodie burger is the most suitable option for you.

2-Crispy Baklava from Foodie-ist;


If you are one of those who do not like sorbet dessert, you have not eaten dessert at Foodie-ist yet! When Sultanahmet is mentioned, traditional Turkish flavors come to mind! The most beautiful, sweetest and crispy baklava, one of the most beloved and curious desserts of our Turkey, is waiting for you with its presentations worthy of your mouth with the signature of Foodie-ist!

3- Our Mixed Kebab is Indispensable for Those Who Say That the Running Waters Stop When They Say Kebab;

The most delicious version of meat is kebab… Foodie-ist kebab has added its own interpretation and created the most delicious mixed kebab special! Our mixed kebab, in which there is every option you like, will not force you to make a choice, is waiting for you in its most delicious form…

4- You Will Enjoy Your Mother’s touches As If You Were Eating Mantı

You can say that Foodie is very ambitious again, but mom, our delicious ravioli will satisfy both your eyes and your stomach with its awesome presentation! We’ll be really offended if you don’t try…

5- Our Grilled Fish Options That are Consumed by Food If the Father Comes Out of the Sea!




Our seafood products, whether grilled or risotto, which are loved by those who say they would eat if my father came out of the sea, will be consumed in all kinds! You can look at our options from our menu, which fish lovers cannot hide their admiration for! Since our stocks are replenished daily, you can easily place an order if you don’t like it, we are here!

6- Our Profiterole, Which is Healing for Those in the Chocolate Crisis!


A special Foodie-ist signed profiterole for those who want to sweeten our mouths a little, eat dessert and talk dessert! While eating, you can go into a trance and take a short trip to wonderland, we will not take responsibility…

7- Let’s Have Love, Drink Wine, Have a Cheese Plate Or Something, And The Weather Is Blowing at the Foodie Station!

Quality wine, quality service, quality conversation… Foodie-ist is the indispensable address for fine wine! Say it at the side of the meal, or buy a cheese plate and make your conversation an appetizer! But definitely don’t leave here without tasting our wines!


8- We Also Have a Cocktail from Kuzu Kuzu!


Although all our cocktails are our babies, we highly recommend one. Welcome to “lamb lamb”:

As the famous thinker Tarkan said, “işte kuzu kuzu geldim… if you click, you can also raise your energy by listening to the song! Although we sing the song of Tarkan, you can dance by singing Tarkan while drinking this cocktail named after the sorrel vegetable, this cocktail, which tastes as fun as its name, has become a favorite of all our tables, regardless of whether it is young or old!

Why is the Best Restaurant in Sultanahmet Foodie-ist?


Foodie-ist offers you both the elegance and menu you expect from a restaurant, and welcomes you to the streets that smell of history with views of Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet Square! If you want, it offers a coffee break after a cultural tour, if you want, it offers you the opportunity to celebrate special days such as birthdays, anniversaries. We have a concept that is always suitable for your preference, such as champagne if there is a celebration, food and wine with the most beautiful presentations if it is a stylish meeting, all kinds of beer when you want to cool down with your friends, breakfast buffet every day if you have just woken up, coffee and tea varieties that you can choose during your lunch break. If you want to take a little break in Sultanahmet Square, we will bring you pizza from Italy, ravioli from Sinop, kebab from Adana, beer from Germany, but we will still create a menu that suits your wishes! It is possible to reach all over the world with the Foodie-ist family!

For more detailed information, you can contact us on Whatsapp and create a reservation on our instant booking page. Moreover, our topic is so beautiful that you can come to our restaurant directly with one click.

The Foodie-ist family is always proud to welcome you! Come on, don’t deprive yourself of this service any more before long!

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